Transformational Presence: Leadership in Action by Alan Seale

Transformational Presence Leadership in Action—a professional development program for leaders, HR managers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, coaches, educators, public servants, politicians, government officials, and anyone committed to making a difference in the world.

We live in challenging, complex, amazing, and unpredictable times—times that demand a new set of leadership skills and capacities. Transformational Presence offers new approaches, models, frameworks, and tools rooted in ancient wisdom teachings, quantum physics, and an understanding of the power and application of our own human energy technology.

In short, Transformational Presence is a leadership approach whose time has come—a way of living, leading, and serving that can create a world that works.

A change of time and greater conscious awareness

In the wake of layoffs and redundancies, market volatility, political and social upheaval and the like, some of the comments and questions we hear from leaders and managers are:

  • How can we possibly do more with less and still be effective?
  • Our old approaches don’t seem to be working anymore. By the time we figure out what is happening, design a plan to move forward, and then start to implement that plan, the ground has shifted, the conditions have changed, and our plan is no longer relevant. So what do we do? Is there another way?
  • The stress just keeps getting higher and my team is getting more and more overwhelmed. How can we work differently so that people feel more supported and less pressured?

A powerful conscious leadership movement is now emerging in many parts of the world. It’s a movement built on greater conscious awareness, understanding, perception, and transformational action. It’s built on the conviction that, in any initiative, all stakeholders can be served, all people and the environment can be honored and respected, and economic models can serve something more than just our individual or organizational interests.

About the program

Transformational Presence Leadership is built not only on a philosophy or a set of ideas or beliefs; it’s also built on a particular set of practical skills, tools, frameworks, and approaches. It’s leadership built on open and expansive worldviews, knowing how to navigate unfamiliar or unknown territory, and the wisdom to know when to move forward and when to step back, when to take action and when to pause and let things settle. It’s an approach that builds and expands our capacities for awareness, understanding, perception, and effective action. These capacities are essential for navigating today’s rapidly changing world.

Alan Seale believes that leaders today need to embody the qualities, characteristics, and skills of four modern-day archetypes: the Seer, the Explorer, the Co-Creator, and the Ambassador.

The Seer looks beyond the obvious to perceive emerging patterns, connections, and potential that most people do not notice.

The Explorer is skilled at walking into the unknown, reading the “signals” that appear to show where to go next, making new discoveries, and blazing trails into new frontiers.

The Co-Creator collaborates with ideas and people to create new structures and forms that are relevant to today’s emerging opportunities and challenges.

The Ambassador builds bridges of understanding and awareness.

As we develop the qualities of these archetypes within ourselves, we are able to respond more powerfully and effectively to the needs, challenges, and opportunities of today’s rapidly changing world. In that way, we begin to prototype a new kind of leadership going forward.

Transformational Presence can help you become a new kind of leader—a leader who is:

  • more present and aware of what is happening on many levels in the moment
  • more receptive to messages, signals, and information all around, both seen and unseen, spoken and unspoken
  • more responsive to the emerging realities of today and tomorrow

3-day-in-person program: 10-12 February 2017 Barcelona1st time in Spain

This 3-day in-person program in the Barcelona area of Spain is led by Alan Seale and delivered in English. To ensure personal attention and a great experience, the retreat training is limited to 24 participants.

TPLA BArcelona

In this program, you will learn:

  • how to cut to the core of what is happening quickly, identify the next steps, and move into effective, impactful, and sustainable action
  • how to sense the bigger picture and work with the details at the same time
  • how to intuit what is happening below the surface
  • how to more effectively empower those you serve to grow into their greatest potential
  • how to discover the hidden messages within challenges or problems and respond in the most effective and productive ways
  • how to “show up” as a leader in ways that encourage and inspire transformation in people, organizations, and situations

Your result can be:

  •  a greater capacity for awareness, understanding, creativity, and innovation, all of which lead to more effective and sustainable action
  • a greater capacity to hold and work with complex situations and circumstances
  • a greater capacity for meeting both opportunities and challenges from a place of clarity, grounding, and trust
  • a greater capacity to “think on your feet” and work with whatever lands in front of you instead of struggle against it.

Testimonials of participants of the program realized in other countries

” I could write a long novel expressing my gratitude to Alan Seale and telling about the benefits I received from the “Transformational Presence: Leadership in Action” course. Attending this course was a profound and life-changing experience. I learned to listen to and speak with my “heart language,” which takes my doing, being, feeling, and thinking to a greater synergetic level. Both for sensing my own life and for my ability to listen to my clients, it was so important to meet and learn from Alan in this all-too-short three-day course.”
Inger Maaløe, PCC, Senior Leadership and Team Facilitator (Denmark)

“Thank you, Alan Seale, for the practical tools I learned in this workshop—tools to enhance my curiosity, to trust and align my intuition with action—and for the deeper questions that lead to greater clarity. And thank you for your wisdom and time. It was an inspiring few days with 25 other curious and courageous people! I love having more tools in my toolbox as I “play” in the world!” Janelle Nelson, Executive Director, Montana Independent Health Alliance (USA)

“The first thing that I felt in this workshop was the “presence” and the trust that Alan and we as the participants created in the room. The way that Alan framed the workshop created a space of possibilities and lightness in connecting. I liked the way that he was aware and present in such an essential way. I could feel his passion and connection to all of us in the workshop during the entire three days. There is both simplicity and power in the tools that we learned. I appreciate that very much. In particular, I like “The Three Questions” and “The Three Intelligences.” All of the tools and concepts cut to the core quickly–they cut to the energy level. And the energy moves you! The energy does the work. Amazing. I look forward to more.” –Frank Iversen, Adm. Partner, Perspektivegruppen (Denmark)

“Working with Alan is like giving your conscience a voice: he somehow manages to get you to speak your truth yourself–a true teacher rather than a one-stop-fix-it-shop, talking head lecturer. His unique, ego-less approach as a coach and teacher has allowed me to relax into and find security in the unknown. Since the workshop, much of my fear and frustration has turned into excitement and possibility, which are much more positive and productive energies to bring into my life and work.”
Cohen Ambrose, Theatre Director and University Professor (USA)

About the Center for Transformational Presence

Founded and directed by Alan Seale, the Center for Transformational Presence has been training and supporting leaders and coaches for the past ten years to develop those skills and capacities—in essence, to work from the inside out. There are now over 500 graduates of the Transformational Presence programs from 33 countries

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When: 10-12 February 2017

Where: Barcelona area, Castell de l’Oliver


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