Empowering your Life & your Journey

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe” – Life unfolding – ” think in terms of energyfrequency and vibration”.  Nikola Tesla

Evolutionary Purpose

Wherever you are right now, you may hold one of these questions: Who am I? who I meant to be?What is the difference am I making in people's lives at work, at home, in society? How can I feel greater Energy, contentment and fulfilment? What is the next chapter in my work, in my path?

Discover or update your Life Purpose

During this 3 x 1 hour coaching session, together we will gather information and receive from your Soul/Quantum Self/Higher Self relevant pieces, qualities of your being, your essence that wants to shine and make an impact. Want to know more contact me here

Life Balance

Do you feel that you are most of the time reacting to events in your Life, in your conversations? Does it feel like you are sitting on a chair with 3 legs? Do you perceive that you are missing resources or some area of your Life might be under or over expressed?

Explore new pathways and powerful choices

Change is constant in Life. Together we will explore, update, upgrade what is truly important for your Life now and for a brighter future. You will find new resources and develop new capacities to respond in a more balanced way. You will make new powerful & resonant choices to create a more abundant, purposeful, resourceful Life that will manifest in your finance, relationships, health, career/business..

Career Transition

Are you working and feeling that at the end it's not a great match where you are, somehow you want to change your career, maybe your industry, but you are not yet daring or finding the path forward?
Have you stepped away from a fear-based corporate world and looking for a new breath?
Are you walking the career transition by yourself and not getting yet the results you want?

Find a resonant work

Imagine waking up evey day and being fully engaged at work, knowing deeply that you are making a difference in people’s lives for a brighter future. How would you feel like?
Together we will get specific on what makes you feel vibrant, what makes your heart sing, what are those gifts and talents that want to be expressed through you, what are the concrete steps you need to take in order to find new opportunities that really match with what you meant to bring into the world.

Meaningful & Purposeful Relationships

Who are you with your relationships? How do you engage with them? Do you feel fully present, connected? Are you speaking your truth? Are you setting necessary boundaries and communicate clearly your needs and wants? Are you listening deeply beyond what is saying?

Engage, Connect & Love

Together we will map out who is present and maybe absent in your Life, your most important relationships, heal wounds of past relationships if needed, step away from relationship that don’t work, move forward to meaningful and purposeful relationships, increase your awareness on your ability to speak your truth in a confident, clear and compassionate way, reevaluate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, wants, choices, and their impact on your relationships.

Online Coaching one-on-one

Skype, Zoom, Hangout coaching offers confidential coaching sessions with some benefits over traditional, face-to-face coaching. It’s perfect for anyone who prefer the comfort of their own office or home, or anywhere else and who prefer save traveling time and stress.

Still you will need to be able to move, and have a pen and paper with you to play with.

Why Choose Odile

      • Intuitive, creative, compassionate
      • Brings a unique blend of skills  for deep learning and discovery
      • Love and create multicultural connections around the globe
      • Trained in ICF accreditated  Professional Coaching Training Programs
      • Wide experience in Businesses from all sizes from solopreneur, start-up, corporate
      • French native, speaks fluently in English and Spanish

What Client’s Say

I highly appreciate and recommend Odile coaching. Her insightful questions facilitate discoveries for the full potential of the project and illuminate the road map for your next level. My vision came alive, the next steps clear and specific and the creation playful and aligned. Big thank you Odile!
VN, Canada
Odile is a coach who accompanies you in discovering your way, in an intense way. She helps you to become aware of your potential, you are approaching your own path sustained by her hand. The best feeling at the end of the coaching process is that the end is just the beginning of something new, exciting and challenging, both professionally and personally.
AV, Spain
Odile helped me realize how changing perspectives on going about a problem and how better listening to one’s intuition can make decision making more seamless. A very fruitful experience and a great person to have as a coach!
PM, France