Odile Monroy

I am the founder of People4ps and I am truly happy to welcome you, whoever you are, wherever you are.
My heart beats as the heart of a world citizen. I was born in France, and so far I have lived in 3 countries, 9 cities, and travelled around the world. I have friends in all 5 continents, and have met people from more than 60 nationalities.

I am a certified professional coach. My learning pathway has started up with the Coaches Training Institute, then Orsc Global, and the Center for Transformational Presence.

I feel called to serve people who bring a multicultural background, use English fluently for business or passion motives, speak either English, Spanish or French, are technology-friendly, and desire to shift their intention and attention in order to respond and craft an inspiring, prosperous future for themselves, for others and for nature. I am open to discovering who feels served by me.

With me in our conversations or at an on-demand workshop, we can speak English, Spanish and French. I’ll bring out my intuitive thinking and creative selves.

Professionally, before stepping into the field of coaching and leadership, my path has unfolded mainly in multinational technology companies and start-ups in France and Spain, in the fields of marketing, communications and business development.

Of course I had also some great failures and challenges as part of the journey to learn and grow.

Currently, I live in a beautiful place in the Barcelona area, Spain, I am operating locally and globally, individually and in network with crosscultural and creative partners and clients.