What if being in movement and connected to Nature, with the right questions and pauses, could enhance your insights, creativity, wisdom so you can receive greater clarity on what is needed and what is wanted to happen?

  • Are you spending a lot of time inside “four walls” either at work, in your car, or at home?
  • Are you always on the go and spend a lot of time and energy into the digital world?
  • Are you experiencing feelings such as frustration, confusion, stress?
  • Do you love Nature and yet whatever your circumstances and reasons are, somehow you stopped bringing yourself in this environment?

Here is the invitation for walking away from your busyness, mental chatters, and anything else that is not supporting you and moving forward to the way you desire to experiment your Life at a personal, business and relationship/social level. Together we will:

  • gather informations, in a practical way,  for your projects, challenges and opportunities
  • expand your awareness at different levels,
  • embody the shift you are looking for
  • release what it doesn’t serve you anymore
  • sensing your next action step(s)

You will acquire new sets of capacities and gain new perspectives, understandings, and greater alignment  from within which will give you a greater sense of peace, calm and fulfilment.

We will play from restrected to expansive movements and with different rythms,  we will anchor how you stand in your authentic power, connect the dots between your inside world and the outside world, and vice-versa, tap into the wisdom of nature, and experience the sense of interconnectedness with all.

How does it work?

This is a 6 x  1 hour-coaching sessions program over 3 months.

You will receive your intake package previously to our first session.

You can come to beautiful Sitges, nearby Barcelona we will agree to meet at a a specific time and place.

You live far away and yet you can access to Nature nearby you: a park, a beach, a  land, vineyards… thanks to today technology we’ll connect in a practical way with our smartphone and do the process together.

Dare to discover if it suits you by enjoying a Free Discovery 30 minutes session

Dare to discover if it suits you by enjoying a Free Discovery 30 minutes session
Yes, I dare
Join this program to refresh , oxygen your energy, your inspiration, your ideas and your wisdom.
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