Human Potential Assessment

The Human Potential Assessment Tool is designed and powered by Being at Full Potential.

What is it? 

Based on best practice and findings of modern leadership science and ancient spiritual science, the Human Potential Assessment tool, a promising, eye-opening & time-saving assessment, offers an open framework to assess, reveal and unlock Human Potential.

It is the first step in an integrated process and allows us to measure, in an objective and non-judgmental way, where you are today, as an individual or as an organisation, in terms of fulfilling your Human Potential.

The second step (feedback session) supports you in integrating these findings and making them your own. The third step involves sufficient engagement, openness and commitment to a transformational process.

What you receive

  • a colourful visual holistic and in-depth view of where and how your Human Potential is expressed now (from least to most expressed)

  • instant access to your data and effective findings about your strengths & opportunities for growth in a 12 page report

  • key leverage points to focus on and key questions to explore in your personal development work, in order to further unlock and expand your human potential

  • clarity on which development efforts will yield the greatest returns on fulfilling your potential

Main benefits

  • Gain time in powerful and accurate conversations to make the major shift in perception, actions and core paradigm from where you operate
  • Choose and engage with what it asks of you for the greater good

  • Co-create your unique pathway to become who you are meant to be as an individual, team and organisation

  • A forever framework to check-in and expand your awareness in a practical manner