Our Essence

You may, at a first glance, call us idealistic or dreamers,
We are & we are becoming
shifters in action
holding greater trust & the possibilities of this lifetime
surfers of infinite potential
sowing seeds for the next generations of seers
freer standing in our presence & empowering the presence of others
creators of optimum inner & outer culture
crafters of our work & commitments
lovers of people diversity
manifestors for grounded & practical living
artists of synchronicity & harmony
connecting  the dots between ideas, people, nature, events, trends
sensers of the energetic unseen, unsaid and untouchable
enthusiastic about life as a whole and the universal laws
fun loving & compassionate participant observers
challengers of the conditioned status quo for the greater good
stewards of what is emerging and converging into greater prosperity for all
bridges between the Aquarius myth and its reality
showing up in all sectors, industries, countries, social classes, communities, beliefs, genders, roles…
And overall
we are, with our whole heart, at your service
In the past, we may also have…
lost our boundaries and been unaware of our perceptions
been unaligned with our true self and others
felt lost, helpless, even hopeless for ourselves or others
been attached to outcomes or forms
been trapped in the box of duality (right/wrong, good/bad, all/nothing…)
worn masks, bought into limited beliefs and behaviors to feel accepted
been unaware of the impact of our thoughts, beliefs and actions
on the greater whole
shrunk, gone quiet or hit the ceiling when we felt deeply hurt
avoided true conversation within ourselves and with others
blind or deaf when life was whispering another direction to us for the greater good
been updating our outer life when it needed a quantum upgrade
of our human operating system
pushed against instead of dancing with
reacted instead of responding
been in denial of our own unique & collective greatness
This is the past
and we know in our whole heart and through our experience
that the future can teach us
who we are meant to become,
the life we are called to live
that in each present moment
we access this