Renew your energy & reconnect

with what matters most

to your heart

As Winter is fading away, you may be noticing that somehow you have been hibernating, or dreaming of something new and not taking action, or you’ve tried hard to achieve certain goals, or maybe you’ve got caught up finding yourself more in the same old way of doing and living .

Spring is nearly here bringing an energy of new beginnings, of planting new seeds, of letting new life emerge.

Synchronizing with the natural energy around us, in this 4-hour experiential workshop, you will:

–          get clearer where you are right now, right here in your whole life

–          reconnect and/or receive new information from your inner guidance, your soul, your quantum self

–          shift your energy : perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, habits

–          explore, discover the new seeds you need to plant, or to tend so that you flourish as well as your projects

–          step away from unnecessary distraction

–          design a map for your next steps of your unfolding path


We will use frameworks, tools, some guided visualizations for expanding our awareness and conversation practice. The 4 hour workshop include a free coffee break

Join with an open heart and mind, an intimate circle of participants and give yourself the gift of living more fully with greater connection.

Together we can accomplish more than we can imagine.

Thank you for showing up and looking forward to your presence.

Spring workshop
  • When: Friday 30th – April -2018
  • 10h00-14h00
  • @ Creworking – Sitges
  • Investment: 75 € (Coffee break – VAT included)
    (15% donation to support the preservation of the Elephants)